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What Startups are working on Erp Software?

Startups might feel that they are too small for ERP. However, business experts advise that you should incorporate ERP as soon as you start. The software will make you more efficient than your competitors and therefore customers will run to you. With an integrated ERP system, startups become scalable, information is available at the touch of a button and decision making is easier since executives are able to get real-time analysis from all the business departments.

One of the successful startup working on ERP software is Selectica, a company that develops software to improve sales as well as contracting processes. It is being used by Cisco, Fujistu and IBM where customers buying from the three companies are able to sift through products, get product recommendations and pricing.

Zoho is a startup ERP provider whose focus is on other startups trying to find their ground in the business world. Zoho provides various apps such as email marketing services, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and HR support. Rather than startups having to buy different ERPs, Zoho combines all the required software, integrates them and sell to the startup.

Anaplan as the name suggests is a startup ERP that helps small startups to plan their businesses. It is a cloud based modeling platform that enables businesses to quickly analyze, predict and align future plans in their businesses.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software is Vital in the Hotel Sector

Installation of Enterprise resource planning software is gaining traction in the hotel and hospitality sector. With the need to automate their operations, be more efficient and maintain consistent, accurate data throughout all departments, hotels are investing in ERP packages. Other than the ease of operations, the ERP software will enable hotels to have improved supervision of employees and better goal setting.

Enterprise resource planning software is important in maintaing client databases, track hotel defects and know which places need maintenance. It also helps the hotel management in gaining insight from customer reviews. Since customer reviews stream in as text, it is quite hard to analyze what they mean for the business. However, with ERP, the unstructured data is churned into a structured form where the management can know the general feeling of their clients.

The software helps hotels to follow and convert leads into sales. Customers who need to be booked into hotels search them online and visit various websites as they compare quotes, ambiance and suitability. Hotel ERP tracks them down and sends them enticing emails that will finally convert these leads into sales.

The Enterprise resource planning software in the hotel sector also helps in cloud based booking where real-time data processing is vital. When a customer logs in to a hotel website and books a room, data should be transmitted to the hotel management, house keeping as well as the person in charge of rooms so that they can mark the room as booked. ERP software does all this.


If you are running your own business, no matter how big or small it actually is, we are pretty sure that you have all about Enterprise Resource Planning, better known as ERP, as it really is a fantastic business tool to have at hand. However, we are also sure that not all of you will be too aware of what exactly ERP software does and how it will benefit your business.

Well worry not, as we have taken out all of the hard work for you and come up with a nice, easy and simple way of learning everything you need to know about ERP and the many different ways that your business will benefit from it. So if you are considering ERP but you want to know more about, then head off and have a look through what we have to offer.