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What Startups are working on Erp Software?

Startups might feel that they are too small for ERP. However, business experts advise that you should incorporate ERP as soon as you start. The software will make you more efficient than your competitors and therefore customers will run to you. With an integrated ERP system, startups become scalable, information is available at the touch of a button and decision making is easier since executives are able to get real-time analysis from all the business departments.

One of the successful startup working on ERP software is Selectica, a company that develops software to improve sales as well as contracting processes. It is being used by Cisco, Fujistu and IBM where customers buying from the three companies are able to sift through products, get product recommendations and pricing.

Zoho is a startup ERP provider whose focus is on other startups trying to find their ground in the business world. Zoho provides various apps such as email marketing services, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and HR support. Rather than startups having to buy different ERPs, Zoho combines all the required software, integrates them and sell to the startup.

Anaplan as the name suggests is a startup ERP that helps small startups to plan their businesses. It is a cloud based modeling platform that enables businesses to quickly analyze, predict and align future plans in their businesses.

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